Customer Care means… Hands Free!

Our Customer Care Policy ensures that having your Traffic Campaign set-up is totally (100%) hands free!

That’s right: we take care of everything so you don’t have to:

Keyword Search Term Analysis: if you have a suitable set of Keyword Search Terms that you want us to use then that’s fine. If you haven’t got a set ready, we will conduct all the Keyword Search Term Analysis required to find a set of highly relevant terms with the highest ratio of Daily Queries to Competing Pages to ensure you receive the maximum of highly targeted traffic to your site. Keyword search Term Analysis comes at no extra cost at all.
As we apply a flat rate and constant Cost per Action, there is no need to manage your bids or get embroiled in bidding wars typical of traditional Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing.
We do all the copy writing: no need to come up with several hundred “titles” and “descriptions”.
The property we build is designed, hosted and maintained by us. Constant maintenance of the property ensures high rankings and guarantees your traffic. Remember: without sending traffic to your site we do not get any revenue, a win-win situation!
Detailed traffic stats at your fingertips in your customized Client Login Area. Raw traffic, Unique visitors, Clickthroughs, Search terms used, user agents, action statistics… all at glance! No need to import/export unyielding formats to extract that much wanted information.
Problems or queries? We’re always only a phone call or e-mail away to be at your service.